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  • Who is Monkey Software?
    Monkey Software is a software company based in Melbourne Australia, dedicated to providing Practice Solutions that empower independent optometry in Australia and New Zealand. We're a team of 7 technology specialists, working full-time to develop, maintain & support our regions most used Optical Practice Management Solution.
  • What is Optomate.Net?
    Optomate.Net is a modernised cloud-based Optical Practice Management System developed using the latest software technology. It's been designed using over 25 years of feedback from eyecare professionals like yourself. It's scalable, flexible, cost-effective & secure.
  • What do I need to run Optomate.Net?
    Just an internet connected PC or device running a web browser. No software is installed to your local device. Just Log In and start using the most powerful Optical Practice Management System on the market.
  • Where is my data stored?
    Optomate.Net utilises Microsoft Azure servers located in Australia & New Zealand. Your data is stored within your country region in order to ensure you are fully compliant with local privacy laws.
  • Is my data secure?
    Optomate.Net employs the highest level of Microsoft Azure data security, including redundancy storage, encryption of data at rest and encryption of data in transit. This means that no one but you can access your database.
  • Do I need to backup my data?
    No need to worry about backing up your data, leave that to us. The Optomate.Net platform is automatically taking snap shots of your data every day.
  • Can I run multiple locations?
    Yes, Optomate.Net supports multi-locations within your business tenancy. You can view & transfer inventory between your branch locations, move appointments between your branches and produce group reporting.
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