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Optomate.Net: Comprehensive Optical Cloud Software


At the core of your optical practice, Optomate.Net prioritises your patients in every aspect. From storing medical data to enhanced care and treatment, recording billing and order history, to facilitating direct communication with patients, all processes are centered around providing optimal patient-centric care.

Patient Registration

Streamline the patient appointment process by sending a secure link for appointment bookings, empowering patients to log in and update their information. Enhance front desk efficiency, accuracy, and save time on manual entry of patient details.


Efficiently document paperless Spectacle and Contact Lens examinations, seamlessly integrating with leading optical equipment from Topcon, Nidek, Zeiss, Tomey, Medmont, and Essilor.

Medicare & PHI Claims

Process Medicare & DVA Bulk-Billed and Real-Time Patient Claims via Medicare Web Services through a single PRODA account managed by Monkey Software. Private Health Insurance claims are processed online via Hicaps Online.


Simplify appointment management with an Outlook-style system, effortlessly booking, rescheduling, and locating appointments. Seamlessly handle Web Bookings directly within the Optomate.Net platform or through a dedicated Web Booking App linked to your website.


Ensure patients are seen at an appropriate time based on previous examination outcomes, providing a consistently elevated level of care.

Lab Orders

Efficiently fulfill and track Lab Orders electronically with seamless integration across all major optical laboratories.


Monkey Software hosts data from almost every frame, lens & contact lens supplier in the Australian & New Zealand optical industry. Download frames by brand & suppliers lens and contact lens inventory with the click of a button. Suppliers can upload new inventory whenever they wish & Optomate.Net will notify you when new items are available for download.


Send 2-way Appointment Confirmations, Order Collections, Recalls, Marketing, Once-off Patient & Supplier messages, for a flat rate of AU$0.08c for a send, no charge for retrievals, including emoji.


Integrate Optomate.Net seamlessly with your email provider, offering enhanced security support through OAUTH2 authentication.

Inventory Control

Ensure robust Inventory Control with Optomate.Net, featuring multi-location tracking, seamless inventory movements, rapid stocktake capabilities, and support for efficient eInvoice downloads.

Accounting Integration

Achieve seamless integration with Xero Accounting, effortlessly handling General Journal Sales, Tax data, and Inventory Arrival data processing.


Optomate.Net is hosted within the Microsoft Azure Platfrom as a Service. You can count on us for an exceptional level of protection, recovery and accessibility when it comes to your practice data. We don’t take this lightly, which is why you remain the owner and are the only one with access to your data.

Business Analytics

Utilise AI-driven technology to generate insightful Management and Analytic reports, catering to both single locations and group reporting, fostering a comprehensive understanding of your operations.

Multi Location

Optomate.Net is designed to be multi-branch aware, catering to the extensive requirements of large enterprise customers.

Eyeglass Display

Optimise Your Practice

With Optomate.Net, you can streamline your practice management and focus on what really matters - your patients. Our comprehensive and modern system is designed to optimise your practice and help you achieve your goals.

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